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Monday, March 17, 2014

When 3 candidates won by 1 vote the same day

One year when I was the newspaper editor in Monmouth, Illinois, three races were decided by one vote. I found that incredible and I wrote about it.

All were local races in western Illinois, where I worked. Here are two who won and one who lost by one vote:

Patrick McCleary won the highway commissioner's job in Point Pleasant Township in Warren County by a 77-76 vote .

In the village of Joy in Mercer County, Gail Tucker became village president by a 69-68 margin.

In Swan Township in Warren County, the top four vote-getters won seats as township trustees. The fourth-place finisher had 92 votes, and James Anderson came in fifth place with 91 votes. He lost by one.

Those votes all occurred within a few miles of each other on April 7, 1981--thirty-three years ago. I remember that day every time an election rolls around.

So I will vote tomorrow. I know it matters.


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