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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two robust conversations - smoking and nickname/mascot

The UIS community is engaging in two very robust conversations. One is about the UIS smoking policy, the other about retaining Prairie Stars or changing the nickname.

A Smoking Policy Task Force is polling the campus community and our community friends with questions about our current smoking policy, designated smoking areas, and whether we should consider going smoke-free or tobacco-free. This task force is expected to finish its work early next year. Members of the UIS community (those with a network ID) can weigh in now with the online survey. I completed it -- less than 10 minutes. I hope a lot of students and staff find 10 minutes to do this.

Another discussion is about whether the nickname Prairie Stars and mascot Cosmo should be retained or changed. Three informational forums will occur on campus this week. Six possible nicknames are under consideration -- Prairie Stars, Stars, and four to be revealed this week.


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