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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

3 gratitudes

I saw on TV last night that a major department store here will open at 8 pm Thanksgiving night, just when people should be relaxing at home--winding down calmly--very much satisfied in the quiet moments after time with family and a once-a-year feast. The Thursday night store opening is a great disservice to the retail employees who have no choice.

But rather than rant about the commercialization of post-Thanksgiving, I remind myself of three things I'm grateful for, because creating a short list of "Three gratitudes a day" is far healthier for me than getting angry about something I can do nothing about. So here are my three:

1. The fall colors at UIS, which lasted a bit longer than usual this year.


I'm feeling better already. 

2. My twin grandsons, who turned one this year. Augie and Charlie. Experienced grandparents had told me that becoming a grandpa is just wonderful. Perhaps the greatest thing. But it's even better, surpassing all expectations.

3. #GivingTuesday, which I first heard about today. Celebrating as many ways as possible that people give of themselves to others. Nice.

Here's to a peaceful and calm Thursday evening -- urging you to pause to feel very grateful for at least one thing, if not three.


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