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Friday, September 27, 2013

Community recycling event coming to UIS

Thanks to state Senator Sam McCann (R-Carlinville), local residents can come to UIS tomorrow (Saturday, September 28)  and drop off  things at a recycling fair. It runs from from 9 am to 12 noon. We are delighted to work with the senator on this project, which he has been planning for months. It will be in our Recreation and Athletic Center parking lot (see Parking Lot I). 

Items accepted: Electronics, cell phones, hardware, flags, prescription medication, batteries, and paper. Kumler United Methodist Church Outreach Ministries will also be accepting food and toiletry donations.
Not accepted at this event: Tires, fluorescent lighting, oil, paint, cardboard, glass, or propane will not be accepted.

Habitat for Humanity of Sangamon County, BLH Computers, Inner City Mission, Sojurn Shelter, VFW Post #755, Rexx Battery, the Drug Enforcement Agency, and United Cerebral Palsey’s “Gone for Good” program will be among the organizations participating in the event. 

Sam McCann
Senator Sam McCann (R-Carlinville)

Monday, September 16, 2013

People in the historic picture identified

I asked not long ago for some help in identifying the people in this picture, taken  in June 1969 as Governor Richard Ogilvie signed the state law that created Sangamon State University in Springfield. The picture hangs in the Hatmaker Conference Room in the Public Affairs Center at UIS -- named after George Hatmaker, who chaired the Springfield Committee for Higher Education in the 1960s. He was president of Franklin Life Insurance, one of the city's prominent businesses. Helping significantly with the IDs here were the Legislative Research Unit; Steve Brown of Speaker Madigan's staff; and the reference desk at Lincoln Library (the Springfield city library). Thanks to all. The committee of 15 people, honored a few years later by a resolution, raised $1 million to buy land for SSU and Lincoln Land Community College. Pictured with Governor Ogilvie are, from left:

George Hoffman, co-chairman of the Springfield Committee for Higher Education;
Franklin Matsler, executive director of the Board of Regents;
G. William Horsley, state senator, 50th District;
Walter R. Lohman (receiving pen from Governor Ogilvie), vice chairman of the Committee for Higher Education in Central Illinois (and president of the First National Bank of Springfield);
George Hatmaker, chairman of the committee (and president of Franklin Life Insurance Co.);
Paul Evans, president of the Springfield Association of Commerce and Industry (also vice president of Illinois National Bank and former general manager at Pillsbury Mills);
James T. Londrigan, state representative;
J. David Jones (wearing eyeglasses), state representative; and
Chris H. Homeier, state representative.  

Barely visible and mostly obscured by  Representative Jones is Circuit Judge William Chamberlain, another co-chairman of the Springfield Committee for Higher Education.

Monday, September 9, 2013

You can tell when students are leading

I went to the UIS Student Government Association meeting last night and I went away impressed. With the leadership of president Aaron Mulvey, they had some great conversations about how they can do more on behalf of the students.

I'm particularly interested in the SGA's intention to strengthen community ties this year. They have ideas about how to do that -- like working with local businesses, including those downtown, and getting more closely connected to government leaders. Student trustee Jamaal Hollins visited with me about that and they have a yearful of ideas that I'm excited about. The p

It's one thing to have bold ideas. It's another to implement them. A big problem in most organizations today is the actual execution of ideas. Good intentions fall apart, get bogged down in process, or just dry up and wither away. But I see this year's SGA as a group that's going to get things done. Stay tuned.

Last April our SGA leaders met with Springfield Mayor Mike Houston