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Friday, August 23, 2013

You are connected to UIS, probably

People are connected to UIS in so many ways and UIS is connected to community in so many ways that we take a lot for granted. But I have to admit we haven't done enough to communicate these connections. So yesterday we launched the UIS 1000 -- "a thousand ways we're connected to the community." It's a list in progress. You can check out the first hundred ways right now and follow it regularly. If you know of a connection not on the list yet, use the handy form on this page and let us know. Yep, I'm still on a mission to change the perception in Springfield that UIS is "way out there." We're not. We're connected.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Volleyball players literally get to know the community

UIS volleyball players finished a fun scavenger hunt over the weekend. Their assignment was to find a lot of historic places and great local businesses and have their pictures taken there. They posted their pictures on Twitter--go to @UISvolleyball on Twitter to find them all. Here they are at Lake Pointe Grille, a sponsor of UIS Athletics, and at Lincoln's Tomb. With quite a few new players this year, what a great way to get to know the community.

Friday, August 9, 2013

A good move for Illinois and IGPA

Chris Mooney is not a household name in Illinois, but it's good news for the state and for the University of Illinois that he has been named executive director of the U of I's Institute of Government and Public Affairs. Mooney, who has been a UIS political scientist since 1999, has become one of the go-to experts for media throughout Illinois for commentary about happenings of Illinois government. For good reason. He's very thoughtful and he has great insights. He has been honored by his peers nationally as a highly regarded expert on state politics and policy. I hear that he's relocating to Chicago and I'm eager to stay in touch with him and see how he leads the IGPA.

Dr. Christopher Z. Mooney, right, with former Governor
Jim Edgar at the University of Illinois Springfield.