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Saturday, July 20, 2013

UIS is not "way out there"

One of my personal missions as a longtime UIS administrator is to shatter the psychological barrier in Springfield that makes people think that UIS is "way out there," geographically speaking.

7.4 miles - distance from Old State Capitol to UIS Sangamon Auditorium
7.2 miles - White Oaks Mall to Sangamon Audtitorium
8.9 miles - Crowne Plaza to White Oaks if you take I-55 and I-72
6.4 miles - Crowne Plaza to White Oaks if you take Stevenson and Wabash
5.7 miles - Lincoln Presidential Library to White Oaks
4.9 miles - Lincoln Presidential Library to Scheels
4.9 miles - Crowne Plaza to State Capitol
5.3 miles - State Capitol to Lowe's on the west side
0.1 miles - downtown Hilton to Saputo's (walking)

Naysayers might say, "Your own numbers show it's 50% farther to get to UIS than it is to the Crowne Plaza from downtown." But the differences in minutes, which is how you count distance in urban areas, is minimal and in most cases insignificant. The minutes in drive time depend on the luck of green or red lights. So the drive to UIS is mostly a psychological barrier, not a logical one.

Check your distance to UIS from about anywhere


At July 24, 2013 at 10:56 AM , Anonymous KBee said...

Maybe by saying "way out there" the people who say that are still referencing the "hippie days" of Sangamon State.

At July 25, 2013 at 3:54 PM , Anonymous William Wadas said...

Until a privately-owned business acceptable to the student population is encouraged to develop on-campus and turn our neighborly cornfields into commerce, UIS will continue to feel "in the middle of nowhere" to newcomers.

The service provided by SMTD to the downtown and south-side Wal-Mart areas ought to be emphasized to on-campus students. If those yield enough profit, or students can be convinced to yield a $X "service fee" for free SMTD usage, as many other public institutions have established with local transit authorities, perhaps SMTD can be persuaded to reroute a direct line between UIS and White Oaks.


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