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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Looking for a good speech to watch?

Maybe you wanted to get to UIS to see a speaker but couldn't get here. Well, many of these presentations are available by as Video on Demand for easy streaming on your computer or mobile device. They are free, and very easy to access. So take a look at this list and enjoy! As a bonus, we also webcast and save many other presentations at UIS, including the chancellor's major speeches and student presentations. They're all here, and they're all free. It's part of our mission in local outreach and public service.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

UIS is not "way out there"

One of my personal missions as a longtime UIS administrator is to shatter the psychological barrier in Springfield that makes people think that UIS is "way out there," geographically speaking.

7.4 miles - distance from Old State Capitol to UIS Sangamon Auditorium
7.2 miles - White Oaks Mall to Sangamon Audtitorium
8.9 miles - Crowne Plaza to White Oaks if you take I-55 and I-72
6.4 miles - Crowne Plaza to White Oaks if you take Stevenson and Wabash
5.7 miles - Lincoln Presidential Library to White Oaks
4.9 miles - Lincoln Presidential Library to Scheels
4.9 miles - Crowne Plaza to State Capitol
5.3 miles - State Capitol to Lowe's on the west side
0.1 miles - downtown Hilton to Saputo's (walking)

Naysayers might say, "Your own numbers show it's 50% farther to get to UIS than it is to the Crowne Plaza from downtown." But the differences in minutes, which is how you count distance in urban areas, is minimal and in most cases insignificant. The minutes in drive time depend on the luck of green or red lights. So the drive to UIS is mostly a psychological barrier, not a logical one.

Check your distance to UIS from about anywhere

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to view the chancellor's open forum

Yesterday Chancellor Koch held an open forum for Academic Professionals and Civil Service staff. She asked them three questions and got a lot of great input. View the webcast of the forum here.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Streamlining processes, sure, but how?

Faculty and staff have mentioned this year -- and again today -- a need to streamline processes at UIS. Too much paper shuffling, people say. I agree. People are justifiably frustrated. How often we wait and wait just for somebody to sign something. So... but... any specific suggestions on what most needs to be streamlined and what we can fix?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Judy Everson still legendary

Judy Everson is widely recognized as one of the best professors in SSU/UIS history, and I'm so pleased to see she's featured today in the local newspaper as one of Springfield's most interesting people. My friend and retired colleague Cheryl Peck thought so highly of Dr. Everson as her professor that in 2011 she donated $500,000 to establish the Judith E. Everson Professorship in English. Judy is at or near the top of everybody's list of great teachers at a university known for its great teaching.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Forty under 40... the UIS connections

Tonight's "Forty Under 40" ceremony of the Springfield Business Journal recognizes 40 leaders in our community. Thirteen of them are UIS alumni. One is a UIS faculty member, Nathan Steele. One is the director of our Survey Research Office, Ashley Kirzinger. Another is a new adjunct faculty member, Sheleda Doss. If you're wondering what we mean by our "Leadership lived" promise at UIS, it is this: we have a tradition of educating leaders and UIS is a place where leadership is lived every day. And oh, two more things. Our MBA program is a sponsor of the program, which takes place -- where else -- this evening on our campus, in the PAC lobby.