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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Expired patron"

I learned that my iCard -- my UIS identification card -- expired today. I tried to buy a cup of coffee on campus and use the cash on my iCard, but it didn't go through. My barista said that her computer cash register told her, "Patron expired." I think that's funny. Because I'm not dead. Full of life, I went to the iCard office and got a new card -- and then paid for my coffee. I'm no longer expired.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Collaboration gone wild - a great UIS partnership

One of the best examples of collaboration in central Illinois is what's happening at the Emiquon Preserve on the Illinois River just north of Havana. UIS is heavily invested and involved, especially with biologist Dr. Mike Lemke. He would be the first to say that our partnership with The Nature Conversancy, Dickson Mounds Museum and others provides for unlimited opportunities for research and exploration. It's breath-taking, and I was privileged to be there (see photo above) in the past week with U of I Board Chair Chris Kennedy (center), U of I President Bob Easter (right) and UIS Chancellor Susan Koch, along with Doug Blodgett of TNC and Mike Wiant of Dickson Mounds. See more pictures.