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Friday, June 4, 2010

When recognition is deserved

I just left a luncheon at which Professor Christopher Mooney was honored in a number of ways. Perhaps most significantly, his own academic peers from around the country in the field of comparative state politics, a section of the American Political Science Association, recognized him for his leadership. One called him their "general." Several lauded him for founding the journal, State Politics and Policy Quarterly. Then UIS Provost Harry Berman announced that Dr. Mooney has been named a University Scholar by the University of Illinois. It's the highest honor a U of I faculty member can receive. Finally, Dr. Berman noted that the Illinois House of Representatives last week also recognized Mooney, in HR 1265, for being one of the leading scholars in the nation in his field. I joined in the well-deserved standing ovation. These announcements came at a national conference today being held at UIS.

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