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Friday, January 2, 2009

UIS students into social networking

Facebook is really popular with our students. It's social networking. I've been told some of our students spend up to two hours a day interacting on Facebook. Some probably do more. Most of them probably don't want administrators like me prying into their conversations; so I don't. It's public conversation yet somewhat private -- for them -- at the same time. UIS has a Facebook site. Click here to find it. I'm still on the periphery on social networking, with a professional profile at LinkedIn and an account at MyRagan, a service of Ragan Communications, one of my favorite companies.

Everybody says the big deal about social networking is that the content is user-generated. I still think people want information from those sites, too. I have much to learn. I wish there were shortcuts, but I think I just have to stay with it.

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