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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lee's bench

There is a new bench just outside the PAC. A scholar tree, too -- dedicated yesterday to Lee Frost-Kumpf, a professor who died in 2003. One day Lee and I were chatting near the coffee shop on the second floor of the PAC. "Ed, I need some help. My students can't write!" said Lee in an exasperated tone. Let's work together. He was teaching a graduate course in public policy. I agreed to do short segments on how to structure various writing assignments in Lee's class. I needed only 15 to 20 minutes per class. Lee was the substance guy; I was the writing coach. For me, that led to developing an entire course called Effective Public Affairs Writing, which I still teach as an elective in the MPA program. That was Lee, seeing a need, asking for help and putting together a strong collaboration. His energy, his intellect, his enthusiasm and his wit will inspire people at UIS and the students he taught for decades to come.

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